Data recovery from hard disk RAID or NAS today is very important, because many users own hard disk with NAS or RAID system not only in offices and companies, but also already in use by home users.

The use of this regular NAS is connected to the home network or Wifi to play multimedia files like photos, movies and songs collection every where in the house.

Hardware or software failures of NAS itself that causes many cases of data loss, in addition to hardware problems, it turns out the problematic software or logic errors can also cause the hard drive unreadable.

direct attach NAS / RAID Disk to your computer will not resolve the problem, because the hard drive NAS / RAID has a special file system that is Linux or XFS, and need special Hardware to read multiple disk at once to recover data from hard disk NAS / RAID that is damaged, than you have to use specialized RAID software, there are paid software and some are free, for free version, you can try search google for Free RAID Recovery,  but you must have knowledge for RAID Configuration, RAID Parameters and RAID Constructions.

Among some of the data recovery software that we’ve tried, few is our options, due to the ease in data recovery process, even though the feature are not as complete as the others high priced software, but still be an option for data recovery from Windows (FAT,FAT32, NTFS), Linux (EXT2,EXT3,EXT4 and XFS) and also a MAC File System (HFS, HFS+).

For hard drive that is not a physically problem, then some software were able to recover data almost 100%, only the time it takes much longer in finding the folder structure of the files in the hard drive. In our experience when recovering  1 Tb harddrive, it takes two days for the scanning process, and more than two days to copy the data from the troubled hard drive to a new hard drive.

Perhaps for below 500 Gb hard drive, the process  should be more faster when using free and standard software, but overall this Software is enough to restore the lost data, for FAT/NTFS